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CRM for the Publication Industry: Subscriber-Centric
Targeted Market Modeling

Bruce Ratner, Ph.D.

The publication industry is unable to exploit its marketing potential because of an inadequate lack of policy support for marketing and customer relationship functions. To achieve its fundamental management goals of target marketing for acquiring, retaining, and cross-selling subscribers, the publication industry must offer subscribers what they want. Publishers have data, which can fill infinite “shelf” space, but are in need of a utile analytical process for discovering subscribers' preferences, behaviors and unmet needs. This knowledge is vitally necessary for building targeted market models. These models alongst with effectual campaign management provide for effective marketing communications to affect the success of acquisition, retention and cross-sell strategies. The purpose of this article is to review a real case study that I performed for an association publisher, for whom a CRM Subscriber-Centric Targeted Market Model increased its acquisition and retention, and optimized customer loyalty by successful cross-selling.

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