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DM STAT-1 DIGEST I - Data Mining and Its Aplications 

1. Data Mining Paradigm

2. Data Mining 101

3. Genetic Data Mining Method for the Proper Use of the Correlation Coefficient

4. A Genetic Jackknife Method: 3-in-1 Tool for Variable Selection, Data Mining and Model Building

5. Perhaps the Easiest Method of Building a Database Response Model

6. The GenIQ Model: A Unique Data Mining Tool

7. High Performance Computing for Discovering Interesting and Previously Unknown Information in Direct Marketing Data

8. A New Data Mining Method for Identifying Extreme Response Segments

9. Data Mining for Predictive Value of Discarded Individuals with Missing Data

10. Visualization of Database Models

11. A Simple Data Mining Method for Variable Assessment

12. Profile Curves: A Method of Multivariate Comparison of Groups 

13. A Phat Example of the GenIQ Model's Predictive Power

14. A Unique Data Mining Tool for Direct Marketing

15. A New Method for Including Qualitative Information in Database Models

16. Fraud Detection: Beyond the Rules-Based Approach

17. CHAID for Uncovering Relationships: A Data Mining Tool

18. A Variable Selection Method that Provides a Unique Ranking of Variable Importance

19. Tukey's Bulging Rule for Straightening Data

20. Tukey's Bulging Rule: Why Use It, and What to Do When It Fails

21. Gain of a Predictive Information Advantage: Data Mining via Evolution


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