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DM STAT-1 DIGEST II - CRM Applications

1. Getting It Right: Right Offer, Right Time, and Right Channel

2. Customer-Value Based Segmentation: An Overview

3. An Advanced Analytic Approach for Increasing the Value of Customer Retention

4. A New CRM Method for Identifying High-value Responders

5. A New CRM Method for Generating Successful Leads: The Genetic Contact-Conversion Model

6. A New CRM Technique for B-to-B Lead Generation: The Genetic Contact-Conversion Model

7. Building a CRM Model for Identifying Profitable Leads: The Genetic Contact-Profit Model

8. A New Method for Collections & Recovery Models

9. A Model-free Approach to Conjoint Analysis for Optimizing Price and Package Offerings

10. Contact Center Analytics: Driving Costs Down and Revenue Up 

11. CRM for the Publication Industry: Subscriber-Centric Targeted Market Modeling

12. CRM: Cross-Sell and Up-Sell to Improve Response Rates and Increase Revenue

13. CRM Segmentation for Targeted Marketing


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