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Data Prep, Missing Data, Cleaning Data, Sampling, etc.

1. Data Mining for Predictive Value of Discarded Individuals with Missing Data

2. A Genetic Imputation Method for Database Modeling

3. A Database Marketing Model for Zero-inflated Data

4. A Simple Data Cleaning Method for Boosting the Reliability and Performance of Database Models

5. A Non-Imputation Methodology for Database Modeling with Missing Data

6. A New Method for Including Qualitative Information in Database Models

7. A Genetic Approach to Building a Database Marketing Censored Regression Model
8. "How Large a Sample is Required to Build a Database Response Model?"

9. Sample Balancing for Extremely Small Population Response Rates

10. Sample Balancing for Database Response Models

11.Data Preparation for Determining Sample Size

12. Data Preparation for Big Data

13. The 80/20 Rule: Revised for Data Preparation

14. Rare Event Sampling

15. When Data Are Too Large to Handle in the Memory of Your Computer

16. A New Method for Including Qualitative Information in Database Models

17. Enhancing Model Performance


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