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 DM STAT-1 DIGEST VI - Useful SAS Programs

SAS Code from

1 .Technical Report #1: Automatic Coding of Dummy Variables

2. Technical Report #2: Scoring A Principal Component

3. Technical Report #3: Creating A Bootstrap Sample

4. Technical Report #4: Building and Scoring A Logistic Regression Model

5. Technical Report #5: Collapsing Multiple Observations For An Individual Into A Single Observation

6. Technical Report #6: A Very Automatic Coding of Dummy Variables

7. Technical Report #7: Creating Time-on-File Variable

8. Technical Report #8: Scoring An Oblique Principal Component

9. Technical Report #9: Calculating the Average Correlation Coefficient of a Correlation Matrix

10. Technical Report #10: Counting Missing Values for Any Variable

11. Technical Report #11: Calculating Complete-case Analysis Sample Size

12. Technical Report #12: Counting the Number of Records in a By-Group

13. Technical Report #13: Sample Balancing for Extremely Small Population Response Rates

14. Technical Report #14: Sample Balancing for Database Response Models

15. Technical Report #15: Generating a Random Sample of Alphabet Letters: Why?

16. Technical Report #16: Data Preparation for Big Data

17. Technical Report #17: Data Preparation for Determining Sample Size

18. Technical Report #18: Rare Event Sampling
19. SAS Code for Reshaping 3x5 Dataset into 5x3 Dataset

20. SAS Code for Converting a Num to Char Variable, and Back

21. SAS Code for Proc Tabulate - basic

22. Creating Dummy Variables Corresponding to Values of Character Variables

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