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DM STAT-1 DIGEST G - GenIQ Model Cognate Articles

0. The GenIQ Model: FAQs

1. A Genetic Jackknife Method: 3-in-1 Tool for Variable Selection, Data Mining and Model Building

2. Analysis and Modeling for Today's Data 

3. GenIQ-Parkinson's Law: The GenIQ Model Expands to Fill the Time

4. When Statistical Model Performance is Poor: Try Something New, and Try It Again

5. Genetic Data Mining Method for the Proper Use of the Correlation Coefficient

6. A Phat Example of the GenIQ Model's Predictive Power 

7. Algorithmic Methods: Non-Statistical Methods Solving Statistical Problems

8. Using the GenIQ Model to Insure the Validation of a Model is Unbiased 

9. Marketing Mix Model: A Genetic Approach 

10. Rethink The Regression Model: Think GenIQ Model 

11. Model Selection by Means of Natural Selection 

12. A Hybrid Statistics-Machine Learning Paradigm for Database Response Modeling

13. Statistics versus Machine Learning: A Significant Difference for Database Response Modeling

14. A New CRM Method for Identifying High-value Responders 

15. A Genetic Approach to Building a Database Marketing Censored Regression Model

16. A Genetic Imputation Method for Database Modeling

17. The GenIQ Model Software: Benefits

18. The GenIQ Model: A Unique Data Mining Tool

19. The GenIQ Model: Model Building Illustration - "Let's Play"

20. The GenIQ Model: Model Building Illustration - "Survival Analysis"

21. The GenIQ Model Model Building Illustration - "Phat Example"


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