Data defines the model by dint of genetic programming, producing the best decile table.

The GenIQ Model: FAQs
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     1. What is the GenIQ Model©? 

     2. What is Genetic Programming? 

     3. How many variables and records can GenIQ accommodate? 

     4. What kind of data preparation, and exploratory analysis data (EDA) are required? 

     5. What is the output of the GenIQ Model? 

     5a. Why is the Drop Statement (DS) necessary. How the DS is related to Data Reuse.

     6. How does GenIQ handle missing data? 

     7. How does GenIQ handle multicollinearity? 
     7a. How does GenIQ handle outliers?

     8. How does GenIQ handle overfitting? 

     8a. How does GenIQ show validation results based on the hold-out data, selected at the GenIQ setup? 

     9. How does GenIQ perform variable selection? 

     9a. How does GenIQ perform “function” selection? 

     10. How does GenIQ perform data mining? 

     10a. When Data Mining results in a "flipped" decile table.

     11. What are the best values for the GenIQ population, breeding, and fitness controls? 
     11a. Data Resuse: Adjusting for setting too small: number of generations and/or population size.

     12. How does GenIQ export the computer code?

     13. Scoring GenIQ Models with Excel 

     14. What is a GenIQ-enhanced Regression Model?

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