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Predictive Analytics Now Accessible
to Excel Spreadsheet Users:
GenIQ Model Software with
an Excel Toolbar
Bruce Ratner, Ph.D.

The recent growth of predictive analytics is a direct consequence of diverse industries’ insatiable need for software to automate statistical modeling and analysis. The target audiences of this need are: 1) The business analyst, who works through the demands of “soft” statistical analysis of the day-to-day problems to provide “guideline” answers to management. Her workbench changelessly is the Excel© spreadsheet, along with her light statistical background. 2) The database marketing analyst, who needs quick answers to tough problems. She undoubtedly has a broad base understanding of statistics, and a redoubtable ability to do “statistics” if given a directive. However, she stands in queue for the statistician in residence. Until her turn to talk to the expert, she develops a working solution with Excel’s rudimentary statistical modeling routines.

Heeding the need of its target marketplace, the developers of the primo predictive analytics tool – the GenIQ Model© Software – have added an Excel toolbar. Now, the analysts working within an Excel environment, in need of serious statistical modeling and analysis are empowered with perhaps the easiest and most power of predictive analytics. For the business analyst, she can apply GenIQ in automatic mode (default settings) to obtain utile answers to her daily problems. And, for the database marketing analyst, she can utilize GenIQ in semi-automatic mode by adjusting the default settings with “smart” rules to acquire excellent solutions to the tough problems. For an eye-opening preview of the 9-step modeling process of GenIQ, click here. For FAQs about GenIQ, click here. For Scoring GenIQ with Excel, click here.

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