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Statistical Modeling and Analysis for Database Marketing: Effective Techniques for Mining Big Data (4th printing) - Bruce Ratner, Ph.D.

Highlight of the Book

The major significance and special interest is in Chapter 15, where I talk about statistics and machine learning, and I define that statistical learning is the ability to solve statistical problems using non-statistical machine learning. GenIQ is now presented as such a non-statistical machine learning model. Moreover, in Chapter 16 GenIQ serves as an effective method for finding the best possible subset of variables for a model.- from the original and newly genetically data mined variables. The later suggests that GenIQ is a data mining tool par excellence.

The following links present a disquisition of GenIQ in its own right, as a non-statistical method solving the statistical problems of classification and prediction by uniquely unfolding the task of optimizing the decile table (equivalently the ROC curve, and the K-S statistic), and as a very powerful data mining tool. 
     a] The GenIQ Model Software: Benefits 
     b] The GenIQ Model: A Unique Data Mining Tool 
     c] The GenIQ Model: Model Building Illustration - "Let's Play" 
     d] The GenIQ Model: Model Building Illustration - "Survival Analysis" 
     e] The GenIQ Model: Model Building Illustration - "Phat Example" 
     f ] The GenIQ Model: When Statistical Models "Go Oft Astray" 
     g] The GenIQ Model: When Data Are Not Straight
     h] The GenIQ Model: A 9-step Modeling Process 
     i] The GenIQ Model: FAQs

Topics for the Second Edition: See Volumes 8 - 11.

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