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Statistical Modeling &Analysis, and Data Mining
for Direct & Database Marketers

What makes the DM STAT-1 Seminar unique?
Typical seminars generally do a good job teaching the theory of data analysis. The DM STAT-1 Seminars is different. Our presentation focuses on direct marketers - offering practical, quantitative techniques for getting the job done, and illustrating concepts with real data and experiences. In their attempt to address the widest possible audience, other programs use examples from a variety of industries. The DM STAT-1 Seminars is structured specifically for your industry. We can do this because our faculty includes active practitioners of direct marketing.

The DM STAT-1 Seminars utilizes a building block approach, using previously taught methods as a framework for subsequent topics. Each seminar involves a small group of participants in informal, hands-on interaction. Because the direct marketing industry is reliant on statistics and data mining, the DM STAT-1 Seminars includes a heavier statistical and data mining component than other seminars. Additionally, our seminars include cutting-edge techniques such as Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Logic, Case-Based Reasoning, and Intelligent Hybrid Models.

Finally, the DM STAT-1 Seminars provides flexibility. We offer a menu of seminars so that you choose the level of information that will best suit your needs.

Who should attend the DM STAT-1 Seminars?
Are you responsible for increasing responses and sales while reducing costs? Do you need to develop solutions to the problem of multiple solicitations? Is customer retention your objective? Do you need to calculate lifetime value for your current customers and prospects? If you are the person your business relies on to minimize churn while maximizing profit, then DM STAT-1 Seminars are specifically designed to answer your needs.

Analysts and model builders will recognize their primary focus in our curriculum. Marketing managers will gain more than a rudimentary understanding of data analysis, knowledge discovery and modeling - enough to make their management of analytical groups effective. Every decision-maker in the direct marketing industry will recognize the value of DM STAT-1 Seminars.

DM STAT-1 Seminars offer five options:
The One-Day Course addresses the needs of marketing managers and analysts. Intended as a broad overview of current topics, the seminar offers the opportunity to explore not only the issues confronting direct marketers, but suggests practical solutions.

The Two-Day Course is our most popular program, offering a comprehensive presentation of issues essential to the industry. Participants integrate theory with practice, as they develop solid skills to handle real-life situations. Methods include the standard statistical models and exploratory data analysis (EDA), as well as cutting-edge knowledge discovery and data mining tools (KDD).

The Three-Day Course expands on the concepts introduced in the two-day seminar. Prior to the seminar, participants submit data on their current projects. The additional day provides the opportunity for us to present the findings of our analysis and make recommendations for achieving your project objectives.

The Custom Designed Course is specifically made-to-order to meet the needs of clients within a range of industries.

New! DM STAT-1 e-Seminar / Online Consulting: "Learning without walls, and within your schedule."

About the instructors:

The DM STAT-1 e-Seminar / Online Consulting is tailored for the Client who has the pressures of keeping up with the latest information technology, but cannot have its staff out-of-the-office for periods of days. With our e-training, you will have the flexibility that enables your statisticians to learn new data modeling & analysis, and data mining technology at their own schedule vis-a-vis the everyday business-must-do's. You'll save valuable time and money because there's no traveling. All you need to do is set-up an availability schedule to connect with DM STAT-1. DM STAT-1 works with the Client's statistical team and business staff on a per request basis to:

  1. Facilitate the Client's statistical modeling & analysis, and data mining processes by reviewing the Client's current practices of data cleaning, method selection, variable selection, interpreting output, and drawing results and implications
  2. Improve the quality of the Client work by providing expert statistical advice and support.
  3. Instruct the Client in advanced traditional statistical methods and new machine learning methods
  4. Provide training in DM STAT-1 propriety statistical modeling & analysis, and data mining methodologies, as summarized on the DM STAT-1 website articles page,

For items #1 - #3, DM STAT-1 services are provided via online, which includes telephone, email, fax and snail mail, as Client provides the necessary materials, output and documentation to DM STAT-1.

For item #4, per requested methodology, DM STAT-1 displays, reveals and illustrates the propriety methodology via online. DM STAT-1 performs the aforementioned as part of a joint-work project (current, prototype, or retrospective) between DM STAT-1 and an assigned Client data analyst. At the end of the project and at the Client's discretion, DM STAT-1 with the assigned data analyst would give an on-site presentation of the joint-work project.