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DM STAT-1 CONSULTING 's Founder,  President  Bruce Ratner, Ph.D.
has made the company the ensample for Statistical Modeling & Analysis, Data Mining in Direct, Database and Online Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, and Information Technology. DM STAT-1 Consulting specializes in the full range of standard statistical techniques, and methods using hybrid statistics-machine learning algorithms, such as its patented GenIQ Data Mining, Modeling & Analysis Software, to achieve its clients' goals. Bruce’s par excellence consulting expertise is clearly apparent as he wrote the best-selling book Statistical Modeling and Analysis for Database Marketing: Effective Techniques for Mining Big Data, and he assures: the client’s marketing decision problems will be solved with the optimal problem-solution methodology; rapid start-up and timely delivery of projects results; and, the client’s projects will be executed with the highest level of statistical practice. Bruce is an often-invited speaker at public and private indusrty events.

DM STAT-1 CONSULTING is focused on results providing insightful analyses and reliable models for varied Clients' Goals, WHAT WE DO

  • Results-Oriented: Increase Response Rates; Drive Costs Down and Revenue Up; Increase Customer Retention; Stem Attrition; Check Churn; Increase Customer Affinity - Match Products with Customer Needs; Enhance Collections & Recovery Efforts; Improve Risk Management; Strengthen Fraud Detection Systems; Increase Number of Loans without Increasing Risk; Work Up Demographic- based Market Segmentation for Effective Product Positioning; Perform Retail Customer Segmentation for New Marketing Strategies; Construct New Business Acquisition Segmentation to Increase Customer Base; Identify Best Customers: Descriptive, Predictive and Look-Alike Profiling to Harvest Customer Database; Increase Value of Customer Retention; Generate Business-to-Business Leads for Increase Profitability; Target Sales Efforts to Improve Loyalty Among the Most Profitable Customers; Improve Customer Service by Giving Marketing and Sales Better Information; Build CRM Models for Identifying High-value Responders; Build CRM Models to Run Effective Marketing Campaigns; Improve Human Resource Management - Retain the Best Employees; Optimize Price and Package Offerings; Right Offer at the Right Time with the Right Channel; Maintain Product Profitability and Support Effective Product Management; Increase the Yield of Nonprofit Fundraising Campaigns; Optimize Customer Loyalty; CRM for Cross-Sell and Up-Sell to Improve Response Rates and Increase Revenue; CRM Segmentation for Targeted Marketing; Workforce Optimization; Personalize Recommendations for Information, Products or Services; Credit Scoring to Control Risk; Retain Best Customers and Maximize Their Profits; Build a Subprime Lender Scoring Model; Nonprofit Modeling: Remaining Competitive and Successful; Subprime Lender Short Term Loan Models for Credit Default and Exposure; Retail Revenue Optimization: Accounting for Profit-eating Markdowns; Nonprofit Modeling: Remaining Competitive and Successful; Detecting Fraudulent Insurance Claims; Demand Forecasting for Retail; Cross-Sell and Up-Sell to Improve Response Rates and Increase Revenue; Credit Scoring for Controlling Risk; and so on.  

DM STAT-1 CONSULTING has over fifteen years experience with clients
in Banking, Insurance, Finance, Retail, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Publication & Circulation, Mass & Direct Advertising, Catalog Marketing, Online Marketing, Web-mining, B2B, Human Capital Management, and Risk Management. WHOM WE'VE HELPED

DM STAT-1 CONSULTING has a proven paradigm for successful project completion. HOW WE WORK

DM STAT-1 CONSULTING will significantly benefit your organization.WHY CHOOSE US..

dm stat-1 consulting's Management Team: WHO WE ARE.

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