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Michael Raff is a recognized authority in IT database design and development, providing our customers the highest quality services tailored to their data management needs. His skill-set includes:
  1. Database Design and Development

  2. Website Design and Development

  3. Intranet / Extranet Design and Development

  4. Ecommerce and Database Integration

  5. Technologies: SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, DB2 UDB, and Sybase

  6. Languages: HTML, DHTML, ASP, PHP, CSS, XML, PERL/CGI, C++, Java, JavaScriptsystems

Michael is Magna Cum Laude graduate of University of South Africa where he received his doctorate.

Dr. Raff is president of Biz Africa, where he consults for the DM Industry. He is the key-man with DM STATWARE, where he has implemented the GenIQ Model.